Johnny Depp portrait

Johnny Depp portrait. Портрет Джони Деп
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Johnny Depp Portrait is drawn in dry brush technique I was going to draw for a long time for myself, the Well-known Pirate of Caribbean sea and Popular for the whole world actor Johnny Depp. Drawing process Johnny Depp Portrait has been shooting on video, in percentage terms it makes 70%. During drawing of a portrait shooting on video constantly distracts and sometimes and at all forget to include it in the fullness of time. The portrait was drawn about 6 hours, according to video reproduction in the accelerated mode is collected from video of fragments. To achieve the best result of perception of a portrait in the course of drawing it was necessary to correct various defects and errors many. If you liked Johnny Depp Portrait drawn by the artist Igor Kazarin, you can order a portrait of your favourite actor in this technics of drawing

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