Pictures of children drawing from photo. Children's portrait artist Igor Kazarin

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On this page are presented pictures of children drawing from photos. If to ask any parent whom it wishes to see portrait of child represented by artist: the majority will confidently answer cheerful and happy, formed and clever, Why such idea? Because only the happy child bears in itself the big charge of positive energy, clever children it is delight and pleasure of all family. But the childhood, it quickly imperceptibly passes, children grow and become adult people. The problem of artist to embody the small child, to Drawing face proportions , splash out on a leaf of paper portrait child's face and to transfer all this children's innocence and charm, which so to adults it is necessary for us daily.

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Black and white portrait of a little girl Anastasia with flowers by Dry Brush, 2015 Drawing little girl with a flower by dry brush 2015 Black and white portrait of a little girl with a mirror by Dry brush 2015
Portrait of a little girl 2015 Colorful Portrait Drawing of a Little Ukrainian Girl by Dry Brush 2015 Drawing of a little girl by Dry brush 2015
Young girl drawing 2015 Children's drawing color portrait by dry brush Children portrait girl
Semi Profile Portrait Drawing Little Girl by Dru Brush 2015 Child portrait, little girl Portrait of young girl
Portrait of a child's drawing. Nastya 2015 Portrait of a little Arab boy. Dry brush. 2016 Portrait of a young girl, child portrait
Drawing of a boy Portrait of Timur Portrait of baby boy. Sergey

To draw children it not simple employment, in many respects differing from drawing portraits of the adult person. What to draw child it would be necessary to observe some rules and subtleties of a children's exterior which understanding comes not at once. Children as though are combined from other material, here it is necessary to catch very precisely all the proportions, the most necessary to fix similarity and age of the child, that not always a simple problem. The slightest shift in proportions of the person and the drawn portrait of the child on a portrait at all any more the child and we shall tell 15 years guy who has already left that children's charm, as a result the problem of the artist will not be solved. Only persistent work of the artist, giving understanding all children's hidden secret subtleties of features is reached positive result. To draw a children's portrait it is necessary always with good mood, slowly transferring on a leaf of a paper all pleasure of children's life, the good spirit of the artist is half has put. On this page children's portraits drawn in technics a dry brush are presented. The portrait can be drawn, as in colour, and a graphic children's portrait in it is black white execution. Children's portrait in a gift is a pleasant surprise for all families.
Children our future, mathematicians, poets, erudites with moral qualities, kindness, it it allowed to be right more cleverly us and this all should please with affection us adults. The image of children on a portrait this pleasant attitude of children's cheerfulness! 



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Oil paintings portrait
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