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Portrait of a woman. Woman face drawing 1 2 3 4 Girls Drawing
Emma Watson drawing portrait Portrait of actress Anastasia Mikulchina. 2017 Megan Fox Drawing portrait
Eliza Taylor Drawing Portraits by Dry Brush. 2016 Portrait of Eliza Taylor at backlit 2016 Classic portrait of Eliza Taylor 2016
Chloe Grace Moretz Drawing Portrait by Dry Brush. 2016
Portrait Drawing of an American actress and model Charlize Theron. Dry brush
Portrait of a young Charlize Theron. Dry brush 2016
Nina Dobrev Drawing by Dry Brush. 2016 Drawing Emma Watson 2017 Sketch drawing of Ninf Dobrev by Dry Brush. 2016г.
Portrait of the Khalessi, Actress Emilia Clarke by dry brush. 2015 Amanda Steele Drawing. 2015 Amanda Steele Portrait Drawing. 2015
Portrait of beauty girl from Khabarovsk. 2016 Drawing a portrait of Evangeline Lilly. 2016 New Drawing portrait of Megan Fox 2016
Portrait drawing of Emilia Clarke 2015 Drawing Emilia Clarke is looking up. 2015 The beautiful blonde Emilia Clarke. 2015
Evangeline Lilly Drawing by Dry Brush 2015 Color portrait of a Girl by Dry Brush Black and white drawing Profile Emilia Clarke. 2015
Black and white drawing of a cute blonde. 2015
Charming Beautiful image of beauty Emilia Clarke by Dry Brush Portrait of beauty girl in a beautiful dress. 2015
Drawing of a pretty girl Portrait of the charming girl Natalia Povasina 2017 Cute American girl portrait with DHL shipping to America
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Portrait drawing actress Brittney Karbowski 2017 Portrait of beauty girl. DHL shipping to Estonia 2015 Portrait of a girl with a small dog 2016
Black and white portrait commission of a girl in a hat Black and white portrait drawing of a girl with butterfly and flowers
Portrait of a woman. Woman face drawing 1 2 3 4 Girls Drawing

Drawing pretty girl with glasses 2015Dear men, if you want to give your girlfriend an unexpected gift, a Drawing of beautiful girl by Igor Kazarin, do it well in advance. Minimum period of portrait drawing for your beloved in this technique two - three days. If you live outside of Russia, you can order drawings of girls and quickly get it by mail DHL.

Portrait is the most soulful gift, so impressions of your girl can not be compared with any other surprise. In my practice was a lot of different drawings of girls: brunettes with somewhat dark skin, huge brown eyes, Delicate, pretty blue-eyed blondes, attractive for its ease of perception, fair-haired girls, which we see most often.

How to draw a beautiful girl with correctly Drawing face proportions? - The answer is simple, The artist should have lot of practice. Portrait of girl should be beautiful and attractive, it is a very natural, every girl wants to see itself attractive. The artist who draw girls faces must have special attention to appearance, beauty and elegance of a girl. If a girl is not pretty, it sometimes happens in the practice of artist, in any case portrait artist can draw girl on a piece of paper with a unique charm and attractiveness. Remember, as the famous Leonardo da Vinci painted a portrait of Djakonda, he's one of the first world artists knew how to draw a girl, the girl he portrayed, not really pretty, but fascinating entire world community.

Videos - artist Igor Kazarin draws in technics a dry brush
Draw a portrait of a girl to her birthday, it is a great idea, and a pleasant surprise for your loved one. Therefore, the task of artist is not quite easy to draw a girl, so that it would coincide with the desire of herself. Here is a good practice of the artist, helping to solve such problems.

Now for the most interesting, if you wish commission a portrait, your girlfriend drawn by artist Igor Kazarin, you need to pick the best photo or preferably several. Photos should be desirable in original resolution. These photos you can send me to my E-mail further written note with your wishes about portrait of your girl


Portrait of girls

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