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 Dear lovers of dogs, on the site www.art-portrets.ru you can order pictures of dogs. On the page are drawing of dog face painted in dry brush technique by Igor Kazarin. Your faithful and devoted friend of caudate, artist will draw portrait of a dog from various of your photos,
Jack Russell Terrier Drawing perhaps you have photos of the dog or dogs with an innocent dog's eyes. Portrait of a dog i can draw by different breeds, colors and sizes. Each figure is individual dogs may be your dog possible deserved champion, winner of various competitions and has awards and medals, such awards are even little dogs, for example, exclusively realistic drawing of dog can be drawn with any possible expensive ornaments. Draw a dog can be, both in color and in a graphic black and white, it all depends on your desire. Maybe you have some beautiful photos pet portrait dog, and even purebreds, which can be sent to E-mail, order the dog portraits in this technique will be 2-4 days. Drawing of dog face in a beautiful elegant frame decorate your living room with sweet innocent dog's eyes. All the early animals ever domesticated by man, we can assume it is a dog, the old man quickly realized what benefits can bring a dog, as an indispensable hunter, the dog helped extract the man on the hunt prey, respectively, that facilitated the existence of ancient man. Dog irreplaceable caretaker, security guard and tender and surprisingly faithful friend. In those ancient times, people thought the dog divine creation. However, surprisingly, ancient people, for some reason, it is not painted dogs in the caves where the ancient people may have inhabited prehistoric cave drawings of various animals, which hunted people: there are reindeer, bison, wild boar, etc. but not where you meet painted dogs. Perhaps the
ancient people drew only those animals which were hunted, and the dog of this was just an assistant and not the hunted. But in ancient Egypt ancients love drawing of dog face, the Egyptians painted dogs in murals, as a rule they were hunting dogs, dachshunds and even the mastiff.

Paintings by Aivazovsky

Paintings by Aivazovsky

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