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In this page samples of couple drawing portraits in the style of the bust portrait and waist, drawn by artist Igor Kazarin, one can say for a dry brush is already a classic. Family portrait painting by dry brush on paper, size must be at least 50 cm by 60 cm or 50 cm by 70 cm, the facial image should be small, since Fabriano watercolor paper has a texture, here at this size it is best couple portrait. This variant of a portrait is not expensive, respectively, at a price that is very well suited for a gift, deadlines twin portraits of two - four days.

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 Family portrait painting, which value, people have realized since times of great Renaissance, since then, the genre of family portrait art became the extremely demanded and with success is used to this day. Family drawing portrait this reminder on happy instants in our uneasy life. To draw the image of family, problem can be not absolutely simple ideas for couple portrait poses, sometimes it is necessary to work from several photos, various on size and color, for example we shall admit one photo can be small, another is more as a result on a portrait all should correspond to sizes rather each other. For drawing a family portrait any photos enamoured, amateur family photos photo portrait couple, which usually lay in the family albums, very valuable to work art photos made in various photographic studioes approach almost.  For the beginning works it is necessary for artist to consider, first of all, yours family portrait ideas according to your desire your friends can be drawn in various combinations any composition of figure, Drawing face proportions that the married
couple portrait would be looked very attractively, an easy sketch it is necessary to place correctly outlines of figures couple portrait poses on a leaf of paper. When figure is ready, it is necessary to estimate, correct again all composite defects. If they are that better at once to correct, after that it is possible to start couple drawinge portrait, inhaling in it a sincere spirit and characteristic attributes, softening sharp shadows in eye hollows, noses and chins, that figure not so would repeat sharp details of the person as on a photo. As happens, that photos can be different and the couple drawing is necessary draw from them, complexity can depend on some factors: Different sizes of persons on a photo, the different density of the image, for example, on a photo where is represented the woman the person very light, density easy and in a photo of the man density of the image high, we shall tell the person very dark in a shadow of the sun, an old amateur photo, etc. On some classical canons, to photo portrait couple, the man as the head of the family always should be on portrait a little above than its beloved. In a couple drawing clothes it is desirable light tones, especially for technics a dry brush, possible to correct a little a hairdress at the man, to change a hairdress at the woman it is possible at will, in the image of the person of the woman of a wrinkle it is possible to make hardly appreciable, some other juicy artefacts of type of a freckle or вirthmark can and be not drawn at all. Here some exceptions, the artist never uses in work: change of proportions of the person: to add a smile, to clean the blinked eyes from the sun or to turn a head. Here some rules which the artist adheres.
 So has developed that family portraits or couple portrait painting usually give for various family holidays, anniversary of weddings and the celebrations, guest it cosy placed on a wall always draws bewitching attention of all visitors in your house which is filled by heat and mutual understanding. Family portrait art is demanded at all times

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