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Portrait drawing video Monica Bellucci

Portrait drawing video Monica Bellucci
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Monica Bellucci. Portrait of Bellucci Portrait drawing video Monica Bellucci. Picture of Monica Bellucci drawn by artist Igor Kazarin, technics of drawing a dry-brush is presented. You can to look video Speed drawing portrait of Monica Bellucci. If you admirer Monika bellucci, you can order a portrait of your favourite actress from any photos favourite by you. The portrait of Monica Bellucci is an ornament for any interior. On a site it is 2nd portrait with video Monica Belluci 2009 - the well-known actress and топ the model, the first portrait still young Monica Bellucci has been drawn in the middle of 90 years when in Hollywood about this brilliant beauty, simply nobody knew. Italian actress Monica Bellucci the most beautiful actress of Hollywood, it even name "Second Sophia Loren" with which at it much in common. Monika possessing from a birth the magnificent external data with little effort has found to itself work in modelling business. Having been surprised its beauty and shine of perception of Monika Bellucci the well-known fashion designers of Dolce and Gabbana in the most elite modelling agency well-known to all Italy of "Elite". Monika Bellucci are noticed by the Italian movie producers and it in 1990 begins acts in bit parts in film Italian: Life with the Sons, Abuse, Gangsters, and in a serious role of bride Drakuly in a film of Drakula, known movie producer Frensisa Ford. In a consequence to it offer much offers to act in film from film directors Europe and Americas where Monica Bellucci becomes definitive a world celebrity, having acted in films: Dobermann terrier, Secret agents, the Brotherhood of a wolf, Asterix et Obelix: mission
Kleopatra, Matrix Reloaded, Irreversibility. Husband Monica Bellucci the well-known French actor Vensan Kassel, together they actedin films: the Brotherhood of the wolf, the Dobermann terrier, the Apartment.

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Monika Bellucci. Picture of Monica Bellucci

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