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 On page Russian art gallery of artists Art-portrets is presented, In ours Fine art gallery online various services of the modern artists, such as, drawing of portraits, pictures beautiful landscapes and still-lifes, cartoons and silhouettesare offered gallery:
 The professional artist Igor Kazarin: artist draws portraits from a photo, artist draws very beautiful portraits in 2 technicians of execution Oil on a canvas and in technics a dry brush: female and man's, family, pair, children's portraits, drawings of dogs of various breeds, landscapes of Russian suburbs and realistic still-lifes in the Dutch style.
  The professional artist the caricaturist Vladimir Dotsoev who draws the best cartoons, caricatures in Russia: Cartoons drawn from a photo and life cartoons on parties.
  Services of the artist of silhouettes to you are offered by the master of silhouettes, Nikolina Elena: the Cutting of a silhouette of a profile of the person if it is required animals and architectural silhouettes.
  Simple and convenient navigation of our Russian art gallery of artists, will allow to choose without effort section interesting you, simply press the image corresponding to the given direction of our artist gallery. Pictures of portraits, cartoons in the majority are presented together with photos of those characters with which they drawn, some of them in the big permission. Having walked on sections of ours online galleries you necessarily will notice that works presented on a site art-portrets are executed by artists with the big accuracy.
In our modern artists gallery there are many art salons, galleries of various artists and all them will be not not bypassed, on visiting only one physical exhibition арт galleries of artists it is necessary time a great lot. Today 21 centuries, a century of the Internet and
convenient possibilities to visit any modern artists gallery it is possible in few seconds in the presence of the Internet, in a current of several minutes it is possible to agree with the artist about services, in a current of several days the portrait or a cartoon will already flaunt in your own house gallery of pictures of artists favourite by you. If you liked our works our online artist gallery and the artist is required to you, you had a desire to order a picture, a portrait, a cartoon or the artist for work on parties is required to you, and also for visitors from other regions of any country or abroad if it is required to you artists of its service for remote work with departure in your region, please inform on it in advance that artists could be prepared, simply write to us on Е-mail to learn the detailed information on services of artists. The order of works of our artists for inhabitants from other regions, it is possible by mail, for example express mail DHL and if you have not enough time till your holiday, for example it is possible to send the same cartoons by e-mail, and after them it is possible to print and much to have fun with the friends. If you accept a similar variant of sending of works on E-mai, inform on it to the artist in advance. The gallery of artists on our site constantly replenishes with new works. Viewing convenient to you!


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Russia, Moskow

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